I am originally from St. Louis, and moved to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri, where I received a BA and MA in Geography. Currently, I am in my sixth  year of a PhD program in Sociology.

If you are interested in more of my academic background, please see my Academic Work.

As for the non-academic side of my life, my hobbies are too numerous to count, and I wish I could pick a few to get really good at. My favorites are woodworking and tinkering with new technologies. I own a 108 year old house in the North Central Columbia neighborhood and have been fixing it up for the last several years.  I also care deeply about sustainability and local food systems.  To that end I have converted a large part of my front yard into edibles, and work bit-by-bit to displace the grass with useful, edible plants.

Zach Rubin, 2018