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I am student of the world and the people who inhabit it. I'm constantly studying my surroundings and taking things in, trying to understand the connections and differences and problems that make it all up.

Right now I'm working on my PhD. in Sociology.  My dissertation topic is about the intersection of social movements and intentional communities, and what I call “lifestyle activism.”  For potential employers, I would encourage you to see my Academic Work, though you are certianly invited to browse the rest of the site.

I also like outdoorsy stuff, including hiking and road trips.  I ride my bike to campus most days, weather permitting.  For my dissertation research I spend a year living at an ecovillage in northeast Missouri. What an experience! Ask me about it sometime.  You can see some of my writings about that experience in my Blog.

I also currently chair the City of Columbia’s Comission on Human Rights, and serve as a member of the Midwest Sociological Society’s Student Issues Committee.  

Zach Rubin, 2018