Thanks to some motivation from my friends in the Sociology department (especially Audrey and her blog), I’ve registered for my first 10k this fall.  Those of you that go way back with me will remember the pudgy kid in high school who did shotput and discus for spring sports because running was hard, or who completed approximately half a workout on the first day before quitting cross country.

Things are different today.  I’m down to about 180 lbs. from a high of 210ish, and the practice of riding my bicycle every day has made running more approachable.  It doesn’t hurt the way it used to when I would get shin splints, cramps, rolled ankles, etc.  In fact, I’ve been able twice this year to actually run the 6.2 miles that constitute such a race - the hard part now will to actually make a race out of it. New shoes also make a world of difference. Bonus: my recently retired dad will be running it with me.  And by that I mean behind me :).

I don’t think I’ll ever be inclined to run a full marathon, but this is a bit of growth that I am happy for.  Especially when I sit at a desk all day.

Zach Rubin, 2018