Have a Drink of Philosopher

Last night was a doozy!  I went out and….

Bought a case of Foucault.  I didn’t want to drink the whole thing but felt compelled to or everyone else around me was watching and might judge me.

Procured some Marx, but it was kind of troubling.  Even though I had bought and was drinking it, it really didn’t feel like I owned it.

Gulped down some Agamben.  It was kind of hard to swallow since I knew Nazis had used the recipe, but felt like its ingredients transcended such evil

Tried some Rand.  Even though it was a variety pack, it all pretty much tasted the same - bitter.

Drank some Giddens, and by that I mean that in drank it and in so made what the drink was and was made a drink by the drinking of it.

Thought I knew what I had in mind when I ordered some Hegel, but the bartender mentioned some specials and it gave me an idea for a mixed drink.

Had some Latour.  It was unlike anything else I had ever tried, even though it had ingredients I had had separately in other things.

Zach Rubin, 2018